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Lettuce Date’s offers colourful and nutritious vegan meals to support your well-being. They are created in an eco-friendly manner. They are suitable for both corporate and private social events and gatherings.


Our meals are always vegan and gluten free. We never use refined sugars or additives. In addition, we use organic and domestic produce as much as possible.


You can order Lettuce Date’s individual meals or comprehensive catering services depending on your needs and the occasion. We also offer dietary consultation and cooking workshops based on a vegan, gluten free and refined sugarfree diet.

nutrition is our fuel

Our vegan meals are free of additives and ingredients such as white sugar and wheat that contribute to high insulin levels. We carefully choose nutritious ingredients that support your health and well-being and help you feel good.



Meals for breakfast events.

Lunch / Dinner

Meals for lunch and dinner events.

catering SERVICES

Do you dream of a party where guests can enjoy vegan, energizing and nutritious foods? How about giving your guests a culinary experience that fuels their bodies and elevates  their minds? Or perhaps you wish to create a festive and fun party mood?

We provide comprehensive catering services for both companies and private customers. The scope of the service depends on your needs. We carefully tailor our offers to your needs, desires, and preferences to help make your occasion a great success. We want to make your meals reflect you or your company in the best possible way.

consultation & workshops

Do you dream of enjoying a sustainable and nutritious vegan diet, but don’t know where to start? Lettuce Date can create a specialized shopping trip experience and/or cooking class for you or someone you love.

“The salad featured many different ingredients that were thoughtfully curated. The chef chose spices that emphasized the ingredients’ signature flavors, and the meal was delicious. The tofu was the best I've ever eaten. "


Katarina Furstenborg

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