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toward A BALANCED self

I'm Katarina, a self-taught vegan chef and the founder of Lettuce Date. I have always been passionate about cooking healthy food. In 2015, I participated in a heavenly yoga retreat in Spain where a nutritious vegan diet was part of the retreat’s overall concept of well-being. I came away from the retreat feeling physically stronger, more at peace, and with greater mental clarity than I had ever had before. I knew at that moment that I wanted to share the food that had so greatly impacted me with others. In the years since, I have devoted myself to creating delicious vegan recipes that are gluten free and free from refined sugar and unhealthy additives.


I believe that a healthy and nutritious diet supports a balanced body, mind, and soul. Our nutrition is our fuel. It directly affects both our physical performance and sense of wellness.


We are currently in the middle of a food revolution. Lettuce Date’s mission is to help pioneer the movement in Finland . Through the dishes I create, I hope to demonstrate that a vegan diet that is gluten free and free of refined sugars is delicious and supports your wellbeing. By cooking and serving meals in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, Lettuce Date is devoted to promoting a future greener planet.

food concept

Lettuce Date’s ideology supports the using of ingredients that are in season and are domestic and organic to the extent possible. We carefully choose ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, and free of refined sugar and additives.


The recipes are created with love and intuition using nutrient-rich ingredients.


operating model

Lettuce Date Oy is a catering company that produces and delivers high-quality, handmade vegan meal bags for you and your company's events.

Nutritious meals are available  for brunch, lunch, and all-day events. The meals can be individually packed or served from a buffet depending on your event.


values & Mission

Our vegan meals are designed to support green values. We only use the freshest and most eco-friendly ingredients available. All our packaging is made from bagasse, paper, cardboard and other biodegradable materials.


Our mission is to nurture the mind, body, and soul with nutritious food that will leave you feeling good. Good nutrition fuels positive energy. When a person is in balance, positive energy is spread to others and helps make this world a better place. 


Energize yourself or your company and order meals, catering services, vegan diet consultation or a cooking workshop by calling +358 (0) 50 5945228, sending an e-mail to info (at), or submitting the contact form.

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