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Lettuce Date’s basic catering service always includes delivering and setting the ordered food beautifully at a serving table. Additional catering services include beverages, catering staff on-site, tableware rental and possible decoration of the room including props.


It's your party!

Is your style traditional, glamorous, boho, minimalist, or anything else you could possibly imagine?


We want your party to look and feel just like you or your company. We take the customer's wishes to heart from the very beginning of the planning stage. Our colourful and delicious food, coupled with tableware and decor specifically chosen for the occasion, will help you to set the tone for your special event. Whether you wish to provide refreshment for your employees during a training session, inspire budding yogis at a wellness retreat, impress your guests at a dinner party, or leave a lasting impression of your wedding, we can create an event that your guests will truly remember.

Setting a seasonal menu

Our food concept is based on seasonal products, consisting of organic and/or Finnish produce as much as possible. We offer both catering services as well as individual meal bags.


We are able to tailor our menu to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions.


Beverage services

If you are interested in serving alcohol or other refreshments at your party, we have a partner who offers organic and/or biodynamic wines. These wines boost your well-being,and their negative effects,such as hangover symptoms, are milder in comparison to traditional wines. Please inquire if interested.


We can also add other refreshments, as well as coffee and tea, to your package, in accordance with your needs.

Serving staff on-site

Depending on your interest and  the scope of the party, we can provide on-site staff to manage the food and beverage service for you.



Tableware can be rented for your venue through our partners. We will help you to find tableware that suits your aesthetics.


Energize yourself and your guests by ordering a vegan catering service! If you need more information about our catering services please contact us by phone +358 (0) 50 5945228, by e-mail  info (at), or by submitting the contact form.We will work together with you to bring your dream event to life.

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